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TerraClear is focused on an end-to-end solution for automating rock clearance. Many farmers deal with rocks and rock removal every year, as they arise from equipment, frost heave, or weather impact. Rock damage to farm equipment is costly and time-consuming to repair. More importantly, it causes down time during critical periods in crop production, particularly when it occurs during harvest. While picking rock is important, it is often avoided by growers, as it is arduous, dirty, and slow. It is one of the least favorite jobs on the farm, in part because it is not the most valuable use of a farmer’s time. As a result, and in an era of large-scale farming and scarce labor availability, automating low-skilled tasks is increasingly important. By using a computer vision-controlled system to map terrain and identify the size and location of rocks embedded in the soil, the heavy lifting is done by automated machinery which saves farmers time and money. TerraClear’s rock removal solutions offer the ability to not only pick rock at a faster rate, but also remove rocks without disturbing as much of the soil. This widens the window of picking to include pre and post seeding. TerraClear’s solution can benefit farmers by providing the ability to clear farm fields of rocks efficiently and cost-effectively, and provide confidence that a high percentage of rocks have been found and removed. This considerably reduces damage to equipment and downtime risks during critical windows of farming.

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